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our printshop is designed to support advanced printing products, such as complicated product variants and precise pricing. it is built upon a stable e-commerce platform to allow orders fulfillment instantly

PrintShop Features

Responsive Web and Multi-Device Support

this makes your printshop looks and works great on desktop, tablet and smartphones. your customers are gonna love ordering products from your printshop!

you can also personalize the printshop by adding your own company logo, profile, contact info and the theme's color to match your brand!

Preset Products with Instant Pricing Calculator

we helped you preset over 100+ products suited for your printing business. get your printshop ready to launch within days, instead of months!

need to change the product prices? use our simple product percentage UI to adjust any product rates

Customer Self-Management

while your production runs after working hours, you can reduce phone calls and enquiries from your customer during non-business hours.

customers can receive e-mails on job status and check their account details from their dashboard anytime

B2C & B2B Platform

let your agents enjoy specialized price rate with our integrated top-up credit system

allow your printing agents/brokers to see all their transactions & top-up amount statement from their dashboard

Product Custom Size Support

our system able to calculate product pricing depending on the custom size required for many items such as banners, bunting, posters and many more

now with a custom metric support, it's much easier to choose the unit of measurement directly!

Multiple Shipping & Payment Gateways

set a fixed or variable shipping rate for your printshop and let customers pay thru various payment channels

printshop owners can also offer free shipping coupons for eligible customers. free payment channels include PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash/Cheque, Credit Term (corporate clients)

Advanced Reporting Features

lots of statistics of your printshop performance are integrated into the management system

this helps you to get a glance of the most important data for your next marketing campaign

Multi Department Order Management

now you can let our system split the jobs to the specified staff in a department

this allows more efficient workflow and non-conflicting job assignment to your staff(s) in the design/production/shipment department

Facebook Pixel Tracking

track behaviours from visitors on your printshop and set dynamic re-targeting on Facebook Ads platform

contact us to learn more about paid Facebook Ads management to help you bring more online conversions such as new customer sign-ups and sales*

Custom PrintShop Design

fancy a new layout for your printshop? our templates are highly customizable to fit your needs

contact us to learn more about paid Custom PrintShop Layout services and we'll able to discuss a custom-made layout for your company*

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User Reviews

highly satisfied customers are our top priority

Frequent Asked Questions

general pre-sales questions

PrintShop is a web-based e-commerce portal specifically developed to manage and sell printing products. It is catered for small/large printing companies to manage their day-to-day online ordering from customers/agents/members.
Printing products consists highly complicated sets of product options which is not widely supported out-of-the-box by self-hosted platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Magento. Managed e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix or BigCommerce or popular shopping portals such as Lazada or Shopee do not offer high level adaptations to complicated products. Although you may sell one-off simple products such as Business Cards, but the level of ordering / customizations are strictly limited. For example: - you can only allow customers to choose the Card Size or Material only, but you're not able to let customers choose finishings (gloss/matt, round cornering, punch-hole, folding or custom card sizes) - you're not able to offer customers tier pricing discounts such as 100pcs at RM10, 200pcs at RM15, 1,000pcs at RM30. - you're not able to let customers upload their own artworks. - you're not able to track this order in a process/job-flow stages. - you're not able to prevent other sellers (in shopping portals) from selling the same product/idea. Thus, you're not in control of your printing business, in terms of product customizability, order management and competition.
We provide full setup, integration of your printing website, free registration of the domain you chosen and cloud hosting to store your artworks. Your PrintShop will be up and running within 3 business days!
Yes, after you sign-up for PrintShop, we help you to customize the PrintShop websystem layout, as listed below : - your company logo - your company profile - your company contact information (facebook, whatsapp, email, maps) - your website top sliders (we will provide the artwork size for you) - relevant information such as order terms and condition, delivery and return policies
We loaded the PrintShop with essential printing products (over 100+ products from various categories) and pricing. You may choose to use our preset products and adjust the percentage margin thru our User Interface. Additional products entry services are not included, you may contact us for a price quote for this.
Our shipping methods includes: 1) Flat Rate shipping (same delivery rate for each products) 2) Free Shipping (set as default or valid with coupon codes) 3) Special-Rule Based Shipping (please contact us for more information) Our payment methods includes: 1) Bank Transfer 2) Cash/Cheque 3) Use Account Balance (for agents who pre-loaded their account balance) 4) PayPal (internationally supported, handles Visa/MasterCard) 5) *iPay88/razorPay/e-GHL *for third-party hosted payment gateways, there will be certain merchant fees not included in this bundle
After you sign-up for PrintShop, we will email a valid Unique Key to access our Support Portal and Knowledge Base/Documentation links. You can submit support tickets thru this website, and we'll respond you within 3 working days* You can also browse our Knowledge Base links to learn more on how to use, manage and adjust your PrintShop.
Our PrintShop is a free-to-use software bundle after you purchase the full package from Konica Minolta Business Solution. You can enjoy free PrintShop usage for 6 months and if you like to extend our PrintShop services, you may contact us for an offer price. Please submit your details in the form below, or call us directly by clicking on the button below.
fully setup and managed by us, ready to use within 3 days
clients used our printing system and machines
costs to start your own online printshop

PrintShop - Startup Access
free for first 6 months*

get full end-to-end printing solution bundle with PrintShop access from Konica Minolta