Printing products consists highly complicated sets of product options which is not widely supported out-of-the-box by self-hosted platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Magento. Managed e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix or BigCommerce or popular shopping portals such as Lazada or Shopee do not offer high level adaptations to complicated products.

Although you may sell one-off simple products such as Business Cards, but the level of ordering / customizations are strictly limited.
For example:

– you can only allow customers to choose the Card Size or Material only, but you’re not able to let customers choose finishings (gloss/matt, round cornering, punch-hole, folding or custom card sizes)
– you’re not able to offer customers tier pricing discounts such as 100pcs at RM10, 200pcs at RM15, 1,000pcs at RM30.
– you’re not able to let customers upload their own artworks.
– you’re not able to track this order in a process/job-flow stages.
– you’re not able to prevent other sellers (in shopping portals) from selling the same product/idea.

Thus, you’re not in control of your printing business, in terms of product customizability, order management and competition.